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We are a licensed, AKC inspected Kennel. We are professionals and one of the most experienced German Shepherd breeders in Tennessee. We are located on the Beautiful Historic Milky Way Farms in Giles County, Tennessee. We have owned and bred German Shepherds since 1963. For us, a German Shepherd is the only breed of dog we will ever own. We breed only a few litters a year, and are very particular when mating our Shepherds for the qualities and traits we want brought out in our puppies. German Shepherds are a working dog first and foremost. They are highly intelligent and naturally protective. It is very important to us to match the puppies temperament and drive with the type of home they are suited for. We strive for lifetime homes for our puppies. We are available 24/7 for any kind of problems our clients may encounter and will always be here if for any reason they can no longer provide the type of home needed for their Shepherd. We have Imported some of Germany's Top Show & Working Bloodlines to start with a strong foundation to breed puppies anyone would be proud to own. We know our bloodlines and background of our Shepherds and what they produce in their puppies. Their diet also is very important to us. With all the tainted, contaminated processed dog food out there these days, it is vital for their health to feed a quality food. We feed raw meat and a home cooked diet consisting of chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, etc. just to name a few. Contaminated dog food may not kill you dog outright, but breaks down their immune system and their ability to fight off allergies, cancers and many diseases. Not to mention it will shorten their lives. There are plenty of books out there now for home cooking for your dog. Do your research, google everything. Stay UTD on dog food recalls if your feeding a processed dog food. Stay away from all processed foods that have corn, wheat, soy or gluten. All natural is better and at least one that's rated 5 stars. Basic obedience and manners are also extremely important for living with a large breed dog and especially one of this caliber. Because of their intelligence and drive, they will take the over the lead in the household if given the opportunity and lack of training. A well trained dog is a joy to be around and an unruly one exasperating to say the least. This goes for all breeds of dogs, not just a German Shepherd. But remember a intelligent dog can easily be ruined by bad training or rough handling. A good trainer is priceless and a bad one a nightmare to say the least. Ask for references, watch their training practices and see if you are comfortable with them. This puppy will be a member of your family for years to come and the best right from the beginning will make life with your new puppy a whole simpler and more enjoyable. The Intelligence and Loyalty of a German Shepherds is unsurpassed. Once you own one of these wonderful dogs, no other breed will do. They become so much a part of your Family, it is like having another child. Our dogs have excelled as Cadaver dogs, sport, service dogs and home protection, SAR and most importantly loyal family companions. We have many satisfied customers in 45 states and 3 Countries, and will be more then happy to provide references. Please be patient as we're updating our website right now and things may seem a little amiss. Thank you!

All dogs are hip/health screened prior to breeding. Litter observations, personality profiles, and temperament evaluations are done on each litter and individual puppy. We have world class quality at working man prices! Our goal is to breed well balanced, intelligent German Shepherds with a solid temperament that can play with your children, welcome your guests, and be protective when necessary. We will spend the time with you to help pick out the puppy to fit your lifestyle, whether you need a Home Protection Dog, Work Dog or Show Dog most importantly our German Shepherds will be your best friend and companion. We can also help you with Importing a Top quality dog or puppy to fit your needs. We have very good personal friends in Germany who personally test each and every dog for us. Please feel free to call and come by and visit our gang. We wish to express our most sincere Thanks to two great gals from Germany (Regina & Sigi) and all the work they did with the dogs and all their knowledge they shared with us.

For any questions contact Debbie or Gus at 931-363-8189 home or 931-638-9303 cell
270 Milky Way Drive
Pulaski, TN 38478

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